I am Gwen van Valkengoed

I coach individuals in personal coaching and leadership programmes.

“Allow some time out to reflect on the present situation, find balance and consider your options and possibilities for the future.”

I coach individuals in personal coaching and leadership programmes. I work with teams to help them find clarity on complex issues and how to navigate their way forward. I also facilitate peer- to peer -coaching sessions.

The issues people bring to coaching are diverse. At the core is often a sense of being ‘stuck’. People describe their own minds as a carrousel, their thoughts constantly spinning but not taking them anywhere. They’re trying to make progress but can’t see how to achieve this.  As coach I guide them to find new perspectives.

During intakes for example I often hear the following remarks:

  • “I don’t feel as fulfilled by my work as I used to feel”.
  • “I feel too much pressure at work and find it hard to juggle all that is asked of me”.
  • “I’ve just been promoted into a new role and I am feeling my way around what is expected of me”.
  • “A lot has changed in my job over the past months and I am not sure if it still suits me, or if I am suited for it.”
  • “I feel like I don’t have the impact at work that I would like to have”.

Working together, discover, learn and transform


Coaching will open up space for you to reflect on your choices, competencies, beliefs, assumptions and actions. It’ll also help you to align these with the things that truly matter to you in your work and life.  To quote my mentor Alan Seale: “you’ll find that when your work and life is congruent with what’s important to you and with the demands of the world around you, everything becomes easier and lighter.”

During coaching, you investigate and take note of your present situation and the calling of the future. You make conscious choices: what is important enough to retain and what isn’t serving you anymore that you can let go of? And is there anything missing that you would want to add?  Your context, the world you live and work in, is an important part of this investigation. You will get back in touch with what is at the core of your life and work. A newfound focus and balance are the results. You will feel the energy of working from potential and ease.

Space for development and connection


About me

I offer coaching-as-you-walk sessions in nature, which many of my clients enjoy.  Indoor or online sessions are also part of the process. Depending on your availability and geographical location, we will tailor the process around your possibilities and needs.

My background as an organizational psychologist is a firm basis for my work. Over the years I’ve complemented this with ideas taken from systemic coaching, developmental coaching and Transformational Presence Coaching.  I have lived and worked abroad, and I am familiar with working in an international context.

“Nurture others, foster their growth in their path of development to all they can be in their potential power and strength” Alan Seale

Which development requires your attention?

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